The storage system supports logging user/audit messages to a maximum of five remote hosts. The remote host must be accessible from the storage system, and security for the log information must be provided through network access controls or the system security at the remote host.

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ssl:; overrideBaseUrl: If you are accessing the API server remotely, provide the full base URL of whatever proxy or load balancer is fronting the API requests.; corsAccessPattern: ^.*$ If you have authentication enabled, are accessing Spinnaker remotely, and are logging in from sources other than the UI, provide a regex matching all URLs authentication redirects may come from.

In this post, we will discuss how to disable security on a Spring Boot project without removing security dependency from the application. To secure our Spring Boot application, we can add the spring-boot-starter-security dependency to pom.xml, as shown in the following example:

User-level security is the default setting for Samba. Even if the security = user directive is not listed in the smb.conf file, it is used by Samba. If the server accepts the client's username/password, the client can then mount multiple shares without specifying a password for each instance.