You can turn off location services on your iPhone and manage specific apps' location-tracking to save battery and data, and protect your privacy.

How to Get Google to Quit Tracking You | PCMag Feb 11, 2020 How to Set Location Services Usage of Apps on iPhone Jun 04, 2018 How to Stop Google From Tracking Your Location | WIRED To actually turn off location tracking, Google says you have to navigate to a setting buried deep in your Google Account called Web & App Activity, which is set by default to share your

Dec 15, 2015

Apr 30, 2020 How to Turn Off Location Services on an iPhone 6 - Solve Feb 07, 2017

All the Ways Your Location Can Be Tracked on an iPhone

Sep 09, 2019 Here's How to Disable Geotagging for Photos on iPhone or Jun 26, 2020 Your smartphone can be tracked even if GPS, location Smartphones' locations can still be tracked, even if all location services and GPS have been turned off. -- Princeton, 2018 A way to switch off the sensors, like how you can turn off the GPS