NAT Mode. This option applies to the SIP packets sent via the SIP trunk. While for the extension you would need to configure the extra setting on the respective extension page which we would discuss in the following section of this article. At first, we would talk about the Asterisk options relevant to the NAT mode. 1 - RTP Symmetric

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Asterisk Session Border Controller (SBC) Connectivity: SBC facilitates great connectivity through a wide array of networking techniques like NAT traversal, SIP normalization, IPv4 to IPv6 interworking, VPN connectivity, Protocol translations, etc.

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DrWho's Solution to Asterisk behind NAT/Firewall (techiegz at gmail dot com) 06 July 2006 05:53:50 On your router NAT/firewall, forward SIP ports 5060 - 5082 and RTP ports 8000 - 20000 to your * server IP address. Then edit the "rtpstart" value in rtp.conf - from rtpstart=10000 to rtpstart=8000 since 8000 is the default RTP port on x-lite phones. How to setup your Asterisk PBX if you are behind a NAT If your Asterisk PBX is behind a NAT firewall, i.e. the PBX has an IP such as then you will need to perform additional configuration to allow Asterisk to route the SIP and RTP correctly. The NAT configuration can be found in the file /etc/asterisk/sip.conf, the relevant section that needs to be edited is reproduced below: Configuring res_pjsip to work through NAT - Asterisk Jan 22, 2019 Asterisk config sip.conf - VoIP-Info